What is the Shipping List?


February 22, 2019

The Shipping List consists of 2 parts:

  • A list of all the shipments processed for a particular courier (2 copies)
  • Additional documentation for shipments that need it (for example additional invoice copies for shipments outside of the EU)

Lista envíos outvio

When you process your first order of the day for a courier the Shipment List is created for that courier.

Every time you process another shipment with the same courier it is added to the Shipment List.

Once you have finished processing shipments for the day you will need to print out all the Shipment Lists that have been created – you can find them in your Shipping Queue list.

When the courier comes to pick up your orders, make them sign one copy of the Shipment List and keep it for your reference. Give the other copy to the courier. In case of an issue with any of the shipments, this will be your proof that the courier has picked up that shipment.

Once created you can also locate your Shipment Lists in your History tab.

In case the Shipment List contains additional invoices or customs documents, depending on the courier you will either need to attach them to each corresponding package or give them directly to the courier.

For example, in case of Zeleris, for shipments outside of EU, you will need to attach the additional documentation onto each corresponding package with a transparent pocket or an envelope.