What do the Status flags next to my orders mean?


February 22, 2019

Outvio analyses all your orders’ data and alerts you in case we find some key information missing or some potential problem when shipping that order. Like this we can increase the possibility that all orders will be delivered without problems or delays to your customers.

Outvio shows you a status flag next to each order, with a colour that immediately and visually tells you if that order needs further attention:

Banderas pedidos outvio

Green flag =  GO AHEAD!

Everything is correct.

The order’s information has all required field in place and they seem to contain meaningful data as Outvio expects for that destination and type of order.

Orange flag = CAREFUL!

You can ship the order but you probably need to change something or take something into account before shipping that order.

If you move your mouse over the flag, Outvio will tell you, through a screen tooltip, what needs your attention.

Typical reasons are the recipient’s phone number for domestic shipments is not a mobile phone, or tells you to make sure that the recipient’s passport ID information exists in the order or, for shipments to Russia, to make sure the recipient is a company (as of today, online sales to Russia are only allowed if the recipient is a company. But if you make sure the recipient is a company, and address your shipment to the attention of a person in that company, you can actually ship to Russia without much trouble).

Red flag = STOP!

The order is missing important information in order to be possible to ship it without potential trouble.

The reason for that tends to be that a key field in the order’s information is missing (like the recipient’s email or phone number), missing content description for international shipments, or missing HS code for one or more products for orders that need to be delivered outside of the EU.

If you hover the mouse over the flag, Outvio will give you detailed information of what information you need to provide. You can then open the order, click the edit button, add the missing information and save the changes. Once all missing or incorrect fields are fixed, the flag will turn green and you can then ship the order as usual.