How to send out your first order in Outvio


February 22, 2019

The first time should be something special 🙂 So send out your first shipment with Outvio and finally feel in control of your online deliveries!

We will show you how to send out your first shipment (and all next ones) in just 3 clicks:

STEP 1. In the Orders tab, select the order(s) you wish to ship out:

Empaquetar envio outvio

If you do not have any orders yet, have a look here to see how to create one.

You can also connect your online shop and have all your orders flow into Outvio automatically in real time. Just take a look at our Integration Guides and select the CMS of your online shop to learn more.

If after creating an order the Status flag displayed is not red or orange, it means that there is a problem with the details of your order that needs to be reviewed and corrected. Here we explain what the different colours mean.

STEP 2. Click on “Start packing”

The orders you have selected are sent to the Shipping Queue and Outvio will take you there automatically.

Cola de envios outvio

STEP 3. In the Shipping Queue, select the order you want to ship

Process the order. To do that, click on the order. The items in that order will appear already packaged in your default package (it should be configured to correspond to the size of the package you use most often).

Outvio shows you the shipping rate for the package size and selected courier.

If you need to change the size of the package, you can select a different predefined package, or introduce a one-off package size for the current shipment.

You can add as many predefined packages under your Shop Settings as described over here.

STEP 4. Click on “Print Label and Ship”

Your shipping label will appear on the screen, ready to be printed.

Print it, package your items, close the package and stick the label onto the package.

Imprimir etiqueta popup outvio

STEP 5. ¿What happens after that?


Shipment List 

Once you have finished processing shipments for the day click on the Shipping List that appears on the right side of your Shipping Queue.

There is a Shipping List for each courier you are using for that day’s shipments.

Print them out and have them ready for when the courier comes to do the pick-up.


Cut-off time 

If you have processed at least one order before the cut-off time for your warehouse the courier will pick up that shipment (and any other that you will have ready by the time they come) during the same working day.

If you processed your first order after the cut-off time or on a weekend/holiday, the courier will pass by the next working day.

The cut-off time depends on the postcode of your pickup warehouse.

For big cities, this is usually between 14:00 and 16:00, for smaller towns and villages it is usually earlier.

Outvio will notify you inside the app 30 minutes before the cut-off time of your main warehouse, so you don’t forget to start processing your orders before this time, so they would be picked up on the same day.


When will they pick up my order?

If you do not have regular daily shipments it is not possible to know or to agree on a certain pick-up time.

By default Outvio requests for the latest pick-up time possible to give you more time to prepare more orders for shipping so they could be sent out on the same day.

For bigger cities, this time is usually between 15:00 and 18:00.