How to activate your pickup warehouse


February 22, 2019

When you create a new account or after adding a new warehouse for pickups, you will need to activate that warehouse before you can start sending out shipments from it.

To activate a warehouse is very simple, you just have to push one button.

The process of getting your warehouse active will take up to 1 working day after that.

STEP 1. Go to Shop Settings


how to activate warehouse

STEP 3. Give us a little time to activate your warehouse

The activation process usually takes 1 working day, although we try to be much faster than that.

If after 1 working day you have not received an email notification about your warehouse being active, or if you have made any changes to the address details of the warehouse since requesting activation, you should click on “Request Activation Again” to ask for activation again.

wait for activation

Once your warehouse is active and ready for pick-ups you will receive an email confirmation and your warehouse will appear like this in Outvio:


active warehouse