How do I prepare my shipments?


September 11, 2018

After printing shipping labels and having your products all packed and ready to go, there a couple of important steps you need to know in order to guarantee your shipments go smoothly with the couriers:

STEP 1: Attach the Shipping Labels to all of your packages.

STEP 2: Attach invoices to packages of international shipments.

All international shipments need to have a copy of the sales invoice attached (Outvio automatically prints the sales invoices for you together with the Shipping Labels so this step should be quick and easy).

You will need to attach the invoices in a transparent envelope/pouch onto each package of your international shipments.

This also applies to shipments to the Canary Islands and any destination outside of the EU.

Additionally, any export shipment (shipments outside of the EU, Canary Islands and Ceuta and Melilla), require additional copies of the sales invoice. These copies are printed as part of the “List of Shipments” document.

STEP 3: Print the List of Shipments documents for each courier.

After you are done with processing your shipments and before the couriers arrive to pick them up, you need to print the List of Shipments for each courier.

You can find the List of Shipments in the Shipping Queue tab next to your orders list:

shipment list

After printing your List of Shipments the buttons will disappear from the Shipping Queue tab, but you will still be able to find them in the History tab in case you need to reprint them:

shipment list in history

These documents contain a list of all the shipments sent with each courier for the day (or since the last time the list was printed) and other documentation needed to make the deliveries.

There are 2 copies of the List of Shipments in the document – you should have one copy signed by the courier when he comes to pick up the shipments and keep it for later reference, the other copy you will need to give to the courier.

The additional documentation in the file is required by the couriers to make export shipments go smoothly through the customs, please make sure you also hand these over to the courier.

That’s it! Your shipments are in good hands, relax and get those sales going!